A New Model of Clinical Placement Governance

A New Model of Clinical Placement Governance

In 2009, darcy associates was engaged to assist the Council of Victorian Health Deans to develop a new model of governance for the management and organisation of clinical placements in Victoria.

The first phase of the project involved a literature review, extensive engagement of stakeholders from education providers and health services, mapping of current clinical placement activity across the state, development of options, and consultation with stakeholders (roundtables and workshops) to further refine the options and develop a recommended model.

The report from this phase of the project can be downloaded from the Clinical Placement Network arrangements resources page of the VCPC website of the Victorian Department of Health.

darcy associates was also engaged for subsequent phases of the project:

  • Phase II (July 2009) – conduct of five workshop forums to disseminate information and gather stakeholder feedback about the recommended model.
  • Phase III (Sept 2009) – assisting the project Steering Committee to refine the recommended model and further define key implementation issues.

Under the new model, eleven geographically-defined Clinical Placement Networks (CPNs) have been established across Victoria, five in regional Victoria and six in metropolitan Melbourne. Implementation of the CPNs commenced in 2010, with the establishment of the Loddon Mallee CPN as a pathfinder for the implementation of the new arrangements across the state. Donna assisted in the establishment of the Loddon Mallee CPN through the conduct of workshops at various stages of the process. Late in 2010, Donna assisted the remaining CPNs through provision of resources and conduct of stakeholder workshops.

Throughout 2011 and 2012, Donna has continued to provide ad hoc assistance to various CPN Committees with the preparation of their strategic and operational plans, and the development of strategic funding proposals.


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