Stakeholder Consultation

With more than seventy-five projects in eight years – 80 percent involving some form of stakeholder consultation – we have extensive experience and expertise with consultations involving diverse stakeholder groups and a range of issues. We design a consultation process that meets your needs and maximises participation of your stakeholders, ensuring a cost-effective process that balances effort and engagement. We utilise a range of methods to obtain stakeholder input, including interviews (one-to-one or groups), focus groups and workshops, questionnaires and surveys (online and paper-based), as well as written submissions, choosing the most appropriate approach for the target audience.

Some of our projects involving stakeholder consultation include:

  • Monash Translation Institute concept development, 2008
  • Best Practice Clinical Learning Environments (BPCLE) project, 2008
  • Parkville Comprehensive Cancer Centre project, 2008
  • AMREP Global Health strategy development, 2009
  • Clinical placement governance model development, 2009
  • BPCLE Implementation Phase I, 2009
  • CRESCENT Community Clinical School strategic plan development, 2010
  • Review of the Australian Radiography Competency Based Standards, 2010
  • Audit of teaching space requirements at Monash Medical Centre, 2010
  • Clinical placement governance model implementation, 2010
  • Evaluation of the Victorian Data Linkages Project, 2010-11
  • FCD Health Ltd strategic review, 2011
  • Development of a strategic plan for simulation-based education and training in Victoria, 2011
  • Development of an evaluation framework for Well Placed. Well Prepared. – Victoria's Strategic Plan for Clinical Placements, 2013
  • Review of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation RF Safety Manual, 2013
  • Review of the Free TV Australian RF Safety Manual, 2013
  • Mid-term and end-of term evaluations of Well Placed. Well Prepared. – Victoria's Strategic Plan for Clinical Placements, 2013–16
  • Melbourne School of Health Sciences strategic review, 2013
  • Review of postgraduate nursing and midwifery education in Victoria, 2015
  • Evaluation of the implementation of the BPCLE Framework, 2015
  • Review of the BPCLE Performance Monitoring Framework, 2015-16
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