Organisational Self-Assessment

Whether you're an organisation or an organisational unit, knowing what you do is important, but knowing how you do it – and how well you do it – is the key to successfully and sustainably achieving your objectives. Understandably, many organisations have become outcomes focussed, with an emphasis on achieving deliverables rather than on establishing and maintaining best practice. Periodic self-assessment of practice, drawing on the real-world experience of staff at the coalface, is an invaluable tool that can inform quality improvement activities and provide an evidence base for strategic planning.

We use an innovative self-assessment system, MEERQAT (Map-Enabled Experiential Review Quality Assessment Tools), to facilitate organisational review at any level and for any type of activity. Our consultants work with the client to develop bespoke program logic maps that form the basis for the self-assessment tool. The system has been succesfully used to create BPCLEtool, which assists organisations that provide clinical placements for health professional learners to assess themselves against the Best Practice Clinical Learning Environments (BPCLE) Framework.

You can find out more about MEERQAT here.


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